Natalia Lovat

Natlia Lovat pendant
Natalia Lovat earings
Natalia Lovat jewellery is elegant and simple, perfect to wear everyday & will carry you through into the evening.It all started six years ago with a pile of broken, forgotten about jewellery that just had to be made into something new and beautiful, that was the spark of creativity that started off Natalia Lovat.

I had worked in the fashion industry for many years before I had children, but a busy career which involved a lot of overseas travel didn’t really mix well with running a family. I had always wanted to branch out on my own creatively so took the opportunity to start up Natalia Lovat.
I began to gather vintage, broken and forgotten about jewellery and turned it into my first collection which I started to sell from home to friends, family, their friends and family, etc.

At the same time I was busy at night school taking a course in Silver Jewellery making. My love for silver grew (It was love at first blast of the torch) and my passion for jewellery progressed into making a collection of silver jewellery to complement the beaded jewellery.
I have a small studio space at home, in the dining room. It’s just about enough space to design and make all my creations, store the treasure and tools!

Natalia Lovat jewellery is sold online and at local craft fairs and markets. I am always happy to make commissions upon request.

Payment/Delivery Options

All local items can be hand delivered or posted. Postages charges do apply and for more expensive jewellery items they will always be sent Special Delivery to ensure save arrival

I accept PayPal – or you can contact me to arrange an online bank payment if that is more convenient.